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It has long been known a press type juicer must be used to attain the highest quality juice.

With our trituators and presses we can can juice everything juiceable. Even coconut
meat and leafy vegetables such as mint, cilantro, parsley, spinach and wheat grass.

Raw produce is cleaned, ground into a fine slurry (triturating rips open the fibers and cells for
maximum extraction of nutrients), placed in cloth bags, then squeezed by hydraulic press to
produce the highest quality juice beaming with live enzymes and nutrients. To further ensure
our juices have all the goodness provided by nature, we take great care to keep the produce,
slurry and juices COLD at all times.

We are not a juice bar offering what's hip, slick and cool at the moment.
Pressed Produce is for serious seekers of good health.
fruit and vegetable juice is what we're all about.

At this time we offer carrot juice and a juice of the day. We also make custom juices and juice blends for special needs.
You will never see Pressed Produce juice sitting on a store shelf waiting for someone to come along buy it. All our juices are ordered and paid for before we start juicing. We normally run a little over our ordered amounts so we can share with others the goodness that comes from our presses at no charge. By giving free samples of our tasty juices, we make life just a little bit sweeter for those lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time.

"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth,
and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat (food)".
Genesis 1:29 (King James version).
There is plenty of documentation from scientific research that confirms this biblical wisdom.
It's no wonder scientists and health care professionals are telling us to consume more fresh raw fruits and vegetables.

Presently, we are juicing for our own personal needs as well as family, friends and a select few.
Our circle is expanding slowly and by referral only. If you have a need for our juices, call or write
to us. Our contact information is listed above.


"Your doctor is trying to provide the best treatment for you within his or her knowledge. But doctors are not taught about health in medical school - only about disease. Most doctors do not receive even ONE HOUR of training in nutrition during their four years of medical school. The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. It provides much of the funding for research in medical schools and nearly all of the advertising in medical journals. It's the old GOLDEN RULE: he who has the gold - rules! So doctors learn ONLY about drugs!" (borrowed without permission from Dr. Day's web site)

For those who are ill (or just want good health), first read "An Open Letter From Lorraine Day M.D." Though the emphasis is on getting well from cancer, you will do better with any disease if you simply BUILD UP YOUR BODY AND IT'S IMMUNE SYSTEM. Live long in health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. James O. Behrens

(start of letter)
Over the past three or four years, I have attempted to write a personal answer to all who have written to me regarding their health problems. Unfortunately, the volume of mail has gotten so large that I am unable to continue doing that and still have time to eat and sleep. I am only one person, and there are literally millions of sick people in this country so there's no way that I can keep up. For the same reason, I am not able to talk with people on the phone. There just aren't enough hours in the day. And I do not see patients. I spend my time on radio and television, or making videos and writing books. This is the most efficient way to reach large numbers of people.
And that's exactly why I made my videos!! Because it's impossible for me to tell each person individually. Everything you need to know to get well is on the videos!
Some people write to me saying "I have watched your videos and found them to be very informative. I have breast cancer (or some other kind of cancer, or another serious disease), what should I do?" My reply is: "The ANSWER is on the videos!" The video "You Can't Improve on God" details the EXACT plan I used to get well from cancer. Nothing more, nothing less. That's it! The plan is designed to be done at home. That's the way I did it.
The plan rebuilds the immune system, the ONLY system in your body that gets you well and keeps you well from virtually EVERY disease.
All you have to do is watch the video as many times as you need to in order to understand the concepts, taking notes throughout the video as you watch, to get the specifics well in mind --- and then (if that's your choice) just DO IT!
1) Watch the videos as often as necessary until you understand the concepts
regarding the factors that cause disease.
2) Take notes as you watch as though you were going to take a test on the material.
3) Write down the 10 steps of the health plan and specifically write down what is
involved in each step and what you have to do.
4) Make out a juicing schedule.
5) Write down the specific recipes for the carrot/apple juice and the green leafy
vegetable/apple juice.
6) Order a raw food recipe book and a cooked food recipe book (from the ordering information given at the end of "You Can't Improve on God" or "Diseases Don't Just Happen"). Remember all recipes in these books are not necessarily appropriate for a cancer patient. Choose the recipes that stay within the nutritional guidelines as detailed on my videos.
7) Make out a daily schedule incorporating ALL ten aspects of the plan.
9) And do it ALL! That's the ONLY way to achieve success.
10) If you have questions later, watch the videos again, as often as necessary.
11) Start, one by one, ordering and reading the reference books noted at the end of the videos "You Can't Improve on God" and "Diseases Don't Just Happen." Educate yourself. This will increase your commitment to getting well.
12) The book "Your Body's Many Cries for Water" is a "must-read" for everyone who is ill with ANY disease. It's available from Rockford Press at 1-800-574-2437.

By the way, one question people frequently ask is "How big is a glass?"
ANSWER: When I refer to a "glass" of carrot juice or a "glass" of water, I mean "8 ounces."
Look at a measuring cup in your kitchen. It says "8 ounces." Or maybe people aren't cooking at home anymore since it seems the whole world is eating out at fast food restaurants! That's, of course, one big reason why so many are so sick.

For those who may have just been diagnosed with cancer and are wondering what they should do, please continue reading.
Cancer is cancer! Whether it is prostate cancer, stomach cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, leukemia (cancer of the blood) or any other type of cancer. ALL cancer is a result of an immune system that is not working properly. Fortunately, ALL cancer responds to rebuilding the immune system by natural methods. The immune system CANNOT be rebuilt with drugs because ALL drugs have side effects that eventually suppress the immune system and damage the body even more.

If you have just been diagnosed with cancer or some other serious disease, DO NOT BE AFRAID!! Yes, the situation is serious, but stay calm and don't let ANYONE push you into accepting a treatment if you have not had time to understand its potential side effects. Understand that there ARE options! Cancer is NOT something that suddenly drops out of the sky like a big tarantula that grabs on to your body and starts eating your flesh. It takes a very long time for cancer to develop, one day at a time. You have time and the right to settle down and intelligently evaluate what you are going to do. Don't be unnecessarily pressured.

Yes, it is still possible if you have enough immune system left to rebuild. Only God knows the answer, but there is NO way to get truly well other than to rebuild your immune system. But after having chemotherapy and/or radiation, you must "dig out of a deeper hole" so it takes longer.

When I first started trying to get well from cancer, I used a lot of supplements. But my tumor GREW! (See the pictures on my website!) So I stopped ALL supplements and went completely natural -- natural food, natural juice and pure water, plus all the other parts of the plan. You will notice on my video "You Can't Improve on God" I do NOT include any supplements.

Also remember, the plan on my videos is NOT just a diet! The proper natural diet is absolutely CRITICAL for recovery from every disease, but it is ONLY ONE part of the ten-part plan. ALL OTHER NINE PARTS of the plan are EQUALLY IMPORTANT!! I could not get well on the diet alone. I had to incorporate ALL ten parts of the plan in order to get completely well.

TRUST IN GOD was also essential for my complete recovery. It's the only way to have true peace in your life. God is the healer. He just does it through His natural health plan, the natural things He has created for our good. He is the ONLY one who knows exactly what is wrong with you and EXACTLY how to make you well. And He wants to have a daily relationship with you. He will give you the strength, courage, determination and self-discipline to follow the plan, if you ask Him daily. Spend time with Him every day, so you can get to know Him as your friend. Then you can trust Him with your life. Remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil. 4:13

People with cancer sometimes write and tell me they have lost a lot of weight. They want to know what they should eat to gain weight. The answer is to STOP worrying about intermediate end points such as gaining weight. You have lost weight because YOU HAVE CANCER!!! STOP worrying about gaining weight and focus instead on GETTING WELL! When you get well, the proper weight will return.

Remember, there is NO Quick Fix!! We make ourselves sick one day at a time by the way we eat and the way we live. Fortunately we can reverse those factors, but we must do it the same slow way, one day at a time! We're conditioned to want to take a pill or a shot, get it over with right away and get on with our life, living and eating the same way we always have. But that way of eating and living is what has made us sick in the first place. We must change in order to get well.
From the time I got the whole plan together as detailed on my video "You Can't Improve on God" and began implementing it with 100% dedication, it was 18 months until I was totally well!

Every so often I receive a letter from someone who says, "I've been following your plan for (a certain number of) months, and I'm not getting any better." When I send them a short standard set of questions, it becomes apparent that they really are NOT on the plan -- at least NOT the ENTIRE plan! Please read "Reasons for Failure" (below) and make sure you are NOT in any of these categories.
It IS possible to get well from cancer and other serious diseases, by rebuilding the immune system. But the plan MUST be followed with 100% dedication, like "Marine Training!" Cancer is serious business and you can't just "play around" with the plan. IT MUST BE DONE WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART AND SOUL!! Your ENTIRE focus must be on getting well. You can NEVER take your eyes off what is trying to kill you.

And remember, it's not just a "diet" --- It's a WAY OF LIFE!

For those who do not have cancer but have another disease or disorder, you will see from the information about the videos on my website, the video entitled "Diseases Don't Just Happen" covers virtually ALL types of diseases and disorders and at the end tells you how to get well without drugs. The video "You Can't Improve on God" gives, in detail, the entire plan necessary to rebuild the immune system. That's the ONE system in your body that gets you well and keeps you well from every disease!
If you are taking medications, DO NOT STOP them abruptly!! That can be very dangerous. First start rebuilding your immune system and then after awhile, with very few exceptions, you won't need them anymore. You can then start slowly weaning yourself from your medications, but only under the observation of a knowledgeable health practitioner.

If you have kidney failure or congestive heart failure you must increase your fluids very slowly, under the care of your health practitioner. Follow the parts of the plan that you can, and as your health improves you will be able to incorporate more.
If you are a diabetic you should concentrate on the green leafy vegetable juices more than the carrot at first because of the natural sugar in the carrot juice. But you can also start with one carrot juice per day, diluted 50/50 with water, carefully monitoring your sugar levels. As you change your diet and begin exercising, your diabetes will improve and you will be able to slowly increase your amount of carrot juice.

On my video "You Can't Improve on God" I interview my 85 year old mother who was able, within 3 weeks, to get off ALL four of her high blood pressure medications that she had been on for as long as 35 years by following this program. Many others have done the same thing. Within four months her cholesterol dropped from 280 to 120, and her triglycerides (a measure of the fat in your blood) dropped from 565 to 160! And within 6 months she was well from her Polymyalgia Rheumatica (a severe autoimmune disease in the same category as Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and usually treated with high dose prednisone) and she got well WITHOUT ANY medication!
(end of letter)

Special note:
The founder of Pressed Produce (James O. Behrens) got his nick name "Jungle Jim" while working as a soundman in the southern California music industry. The nick name has carried over into all other areas of his life. When asked about the name "Jungle Jim", he says the following: "Who remembers Jim Behrens? Nobody. But, Jungle Jim? Everybody remembers Jungle Jim. The name really works well for me. Besides being easy to remember, a name that makes me sound like a cartoon character allows me a far greater latitude of behavior. For those who insist on a more formal name, I tell them to call me Jammin Jungle Jim". He says this with a playful smile and a special twinkle in his eyes. Regardless of the comical name, when it comes to people's health and the importance of properly prepared juices, Jungle Jim doesn't play around. He knows people's health and lives are on the line.

HEALTH LINKS (with comments by our founder):

http://www.drday.com/ (anyone interested in ultimate good health can benefit from Dr. Day's 10 part plan whether fighting disease or not. Although the emphasis is on recovering from cancer, this plan is just plain good for overall health)

http://www.hacres.com/ (a lot of good information. you can read day and night for two weeks and still not read all that's available at this site. I don't think too much of some of the products being offered for sale.)

http://www.gerson.org/ (a non-profit organization dedicated to the alternative treatment of degenerative diseases using a whole-body approach to healing. The Gerson Therapy naturally reactivates your body's ability to heal itself - with no damaging side-effects)

http://www.norwalkjuicers.com/ (the Norwalk juicer produces the best juice by far..... If your illness is life threatening, don't fool around, get a NORWALK and use it! I have a Norwalk 270-S, Green Life, Samson GB-9001 *improved version of the OSCAR and Omega 8002*, I also have an Omega 4000 , Omega 9000 , Goodnature X-1 press with a Goodnature EG 260 2hp variable speed grinder plus a variety of citrus juicers. I have tried many other types and brands of juicers owned by others. When people ask my opinion as to which juicer to buy, I always tell them, "buy a Norwalk, there is no better juicer for home use". When visiting the Norwalk web site, see the health library for Dr. Walker's books. These books are must reading)

http://www.nwjcal.com/ (Norwalk juicers..... California distributor.... a nice site with some very interesting information)

http://www.goodnature.com/ (Goodnature Products Inc. is a manufacturer of commercial juicing equipment for high quality juices that rival the juices produced by the Norwalk juicer but produces juice in gallons instead of pints)

http://www.championjuicer.com (good to use as a GRINDER ONLY. If a press is used in addition to the Champion juicer, the results are a juice equal to those prepared with a Norwalk Press)

http://www.natural-living.com/pressmain.php (this site offers three different presses that can be used in conjunction with the Champion juicer)

http://pressedproduce.org/ (PressedProduce.org/ non-profit sister of PressedProduce.com. Both are parented by Pressed Produce)

OTHER RELATED SITES (with comments by our founder)

http://beverlyhillsjuice.com/ (Beverly Hills Juice Club 8382 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. Telephone: 323-655-8300. When you're in the West LA / Beverly Hills area, stop in and have a healthy treat. Tell them Jungle Jim of Pressed Produce made the referral. Beverly Hills Juice Club offers high quality, non pasteurized, cold pressed juices along with other goodies. I stop in whenever I can. I really like their shakes made with frozen bananas and almonds to which a bottle of apple, papaya and coconut cream is blended.... mmmmmmmm, good stuff)

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